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Challenge Swiss Luxury Watches Industry in 2016

Since skiing and broke his leg and can not go to China to participate in Hublot spokesperson Lang Lang Shenyang conference veteran watch people Biver had to stay home alone in Lausanne swig Maotai, and instead of dealing with the media his son Louis Although it is impossible to replace Father answer with respect to the mid-eighties, the business is now more difficult to do or do better, but for the Swiss franc exchange rate, but also talking to, quite satisfactory – from the last century, the Swiss watch industry eighties experienced a series of tragedies, has been adapted to the ups and downs of the world economy, similar to now such a situation are also encountered, and not more dangerous than the quartz crisis. Of course, the significant appreciation of the Swiss franc to affect sales brought is certainly not small, after spending this time we will certainly find ways to cope.

It long ago at the Geneva Salon hear reacted with broadly similar, each brand in response to the exchange rate when they said they would not allow consumers to take undue burden, as well as the company claims their possessions in euros statistics, Switzerland Lang temporary changes in exchange rates will not be directly reflected in the retail price. When the details of just preliminary rationalize its product line, is planning on a global scale to promote a new image of Jerome Lambert, president of Montblanc is a low-key promotion of 500 hours chronograph test tables and other new products are very frank, but the problem for changes in exchange rates suddenly cautious up: “I think this is for the entire watch industry is a challenging trouble for us, you may need to consider how to regulate the additional value where a table in the hope that the existing basis. on continuous improvement. I believe the best way to deliver value, that is, the introduction of the final product at the right time. value not just reflected in the style of the outer, inner beauty is also very important, Montblanc will always uphold the profound connotation of manufacturing system table concept. “- very” politically correct “it, he notes Geneva a few willing to seriously discuss this issue heavyweight CEO.

Facts have proved that changes in exchange rates for major brands is quite rightly cautious, short-term Swiss franc soared unexpectedly or will eventually fall back to the previous low of just less likely, now each is also observed in their direction. Before a series of after February 1 Now rumors of price increases temporarily proved to be non-existent, to February 7 but came Patek Philippe prices Hong Kong market from 7 to 20%, which was originally a circle has been rumored news, really become fact.

The Rich will Collect Watches and Clocks

Human-precise measurement of time, the pace of innovation has never stopped. But too rapid development will be suffocating, sometimes look back in history once vibrant timing tool, may let you have a more thorough understanding of the mechanical timing tool. Appear in the table before the bell with a large timing tool, whether antique or new design of the clock level, always giving a heavy sense of history, the endless charm of the time given in the pendulum swinging in pouring out.

Chengdu Hendry, top science and technology not only watch, but also has a clock that contains history and culture. As many household pendulum clock, its popularity has begun to warm slowly in circles. Chengdu Hendry think that you can customize your exclusive home furnishing clock, regardless of your interiors are classical European style, modern style, simple European or traditional Chinese, you can choose to go here or the atmosphere or elegant or cozy bell section unique to decorate the home.

Germany Shunchang company’s predecessor was won ‘Eastern time house’ 1992 ‘in Chengdu one hundred brand “the title of one. The company’s products include various types of high, mid-range watches, with Hermle clocks, Miller grandfather clock, bell Wellington, Sylvain spirit bell, iron bell, Seiko, Admiralty Po, Li Bai Jie, Astec, the Republic of Korea bell and other brands. Hendry established in Chengdu flagship store to provide consumers with a variety of fine Grandfather Clock (original foreign and domestic brands, valuable timber mechanical floor clock) and abroad Gifts clock (quartz, mechanical). So that consumers can be the first time in Hendry watch from home and abroad to grasp the trend popular.

“The rich buy tables, elegant Tibetan bell.” Shunchang by the German company agents Shanghai Jiuding clock industry production floor clocks always use mahogany and walnut wood clock case, movement with Germany Ha Mule and Kenlin home. Movement of the two companies in terms of functionality and stability operation, is recognized by the high-end mechanical clock movement, but also better reflect the taste and high-grade positioning consumers.

Valuable Gifts Given for Buying Watches and Clocks

May retail sales is relatively improved, but sales of jewelery, watches and clocks, and valuable gifts, continued to record double-digit declines, reflecting the impact of the slowdown in visitor consumption remained significant. The spokesman also said that retail sales still depend on short-term prospects for Hong Kong’s tourism performance. However, the public employment and income stability, should bring support to the local consumer sentiment in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Government will closely monitor these factors and the impact of changes in the external economic environment for future retail business.

Hong Kong Retail Management Association is expected in June and May, similar to the case, a higher chance of the first half is expected to record negative growth in the second half also bearish. Hong Kong Retail Management Association, Ximairuiqiong yesterday said May retail sales have been better than expected, and I believe there are some retailers ahead of the increase in summer and decrease related Clearance, “In the past when the good times may be from the discount for each purchase, even now Save to half price, not necessarily someone to buy. ”

According to the Census and Statistics Department figures, if the value of retail sales by major categories of computing, most decline in sales value of jewelery, watches and clocks, and valuable gifts, down 14.9%, but it has been two months earlier two percent decline narrowed; fuel fell 7.4%; clothing, footwear and allied products was down 2.8%. On the other hand, miscellaneous consumer durable goods rose 62.3%; 1.9% rose food, alcoholic drinks and tobacco Press; April recorded a 3.6% decline of commodities in department stores, May recorded a 7.6% increase.

GPS Should be Chosen on Children’s Smart Watch

Whether children smart watch, or other smart products, technology is obviously a very important concern factor. At present, the whole industry chain of intelligent wearable technology has not reached a mature stage in the marketing process will inevitably there are more than ideal reality of the situation. Therefore, for the purposes of their parents, when choosing child smart watch, at a technical level need to focus on three points: positioning, communications, life.

Location: There is usually nothing more than to GPS, base stations, WiFi and other targeting methods referenced, or superposition mixed manner. Regardless of targeting methods adopted in the current Beidou and indoor positioning technology is not yet universal, and these positioning technology are just a relative reference value, the parents do not blindly believe the so-called “safe position” concept, to understand this is just a relatively positioning the reference value having.

Communication: At present, most of the children will be built smart watch specific call number and a specific family emergency communication features that are not core functions in actual use, but regular features. But for the regular features, the features consumers need to focus on this feature is not communication, but the quality of the communication signal stability and voice communications and other aspects, not at a critical time signal “ball dropped.”

Life: There is no doubt that the life course, the more lasting the better, but the battery life on the one hand and the product itself, on the other hand with the use of the product function. Products built-in program with more functions, such as more frequent positioning technology to open, use, it means that the greater the power consumption of the battery. Thus, in the current situation of limited battery life technology, in addition to possible selection endurance “strong” products outside, another important factor is the reference charging convenience, this is the only way to make up for the current lack of endurance capacity.

Customers Do Not Wish to Buy Smart Watches

Admittedly, Apple’s first wearable device Apple Watch has made a very good start. According to previous shipments IDC, mid-2015 began shipping Apple Watch shipments of up to 11.6 million, and in the last quarter to 4.1 million shipments become the world’s second largest quarter wearable device manufacturers, based on Google Android Wear platform device and not be comparable shipments.

However, as most users have purchased or are still waiting to see the comments of Apple Watch view, this wearable device in its domain far not implemented game-changing vision. But honestly, does the rise of Apple Watch promotes people’s enthusiasm for wearable devices, many consumers hesitate to purchase a variety of wearable devices, whether Apple Watch or Google’s Android Wear, or is Microsoft and Fitbit health tracking device .

Although the 2015 annual global wearable device shipments is as high as 78.1 million (IDC data), but this figure is still worth mentioning compared to the smart phone. As for the section temporarily not choose to buy smart watch products to consumers, what is why? Recently, according to a survey from eMarketer, a consumer-oriented show that currently there are two main reasons hinder purchasing power.

The first reason is that there is nothing less than the “price” that nearly 69% of respondents agree with the smart watch price is too high or unreasonable. The second reason is “no sufficient reason people wear and use”, only 38% of respondents said they did not know why the significance of smart watches, fail to reflect practical. In fact, these two complementary reasons, the equivalent of front and back of the coin, if consumers have more than enough reason to use smart watch, I believe they would be willing to spend more money to buy.

Clocks or Watches can Somtimes Help You Have More Luck

We usually noticed feng shui home, probably more so in the pattern, color, not knowing is also a feng shui household items, these items to some extent will affect our fortune. For example, use as decorations and clocks products, will play at home feng shui fortune to help busy people to live and hinder people living fortune sides, so properly placed, the shape, the right size was good, but on the contrary is fierce. Today, we interpret from home feng shui about how to select and place the watch.

Most circular shape of the watch, but there are also some square, hexagonal, roof shape, and some special shape, such as the piano-shaped and large floor-shaped clocks, these shapes corresponding to each of the five acts: water round, square for the soil, such as gold, diamond, angular shape for the fire, a rectangle of wood, so as to be placed in position, gold, water, soil and more suitable for the shape of the watch placed in the south, due west, north orientation, and the fire wood modeling watch more suitable for display in east orientation. From the size of it, some of the larger clocks are more suitable for display in the living room, and small body clocks are suitable for display in the bedroom and study.

On the five elements of color, red, pink fire, black, blue water, yellow, beige for the soil, green, blue for the wood, white gold. So some of the people living numerology misfire, nature can choose red or pink watches, numerology water people can choose black or blue watch, and so on. This color suitable numerology watch, not only can serve as a reminder of the role of time, and can potentially enhance the living human fortune, ameliorate the effects of the five elements missing numerology health and personal fortune caused.

Buy Safe Children’s Watch with Peace of Mind

Smart consumers to buy children’s original intention was to watch the children safe. If the watch loopholes, not only would not achieve the role of protecting children, but because of various privacy leakage problems, the children and the whole family As for risk, not worth the candle.

Suggest that you buy the enterprise’s own R & D production of children’s intelligence watch brand, before buying to understand whether the brand has its own R & D team to watch in hardware, software, APP, ROM for self-development, the company’s products do not use third-party universal solution, this is the first screening of the watch non- “brand OEM small children smart watch manufacturers,” the.

The watch company size, determine how much the company spent on the production of watches, but also determines to a certain extent the company can continue to watch the user has purchased a lasting follow-up services. Because children watch as intelligent smart high-tech products, is a continuous need to keep goods and services, the APP and various security vulnerabilities need to be updated to maintain.

Technical accumulation of big brands, not only in its well-known brand influence, but also because it has the technical accumulation, even with a certain production experience accumulated research and development, security, technical experience and high technology experience. Technical accumulation of big brands, products made out of solution first, relatively safe, and second will be to restore as soon as possible future problems.

Moreover, unlike the small brands, the brand has its own brand image and influence to maintain, for the quality of the watch and attached great importance to user reputation, so consumer feedback problems can be the fastest response and recovery to ensure that the consumer those interests are protected.

Choose Safety Watch for Your Kid

Each child is a daughter of the family, in order to guard this pearl of safety parents can be regarded as brains. Children smart watch because of its location, call control and other children travel locus function won the parents of all ages. According to a recent study showed StrategyAnalytics: Global smart watch shipments in the fourth quarter of 2015, soaring 361 percent is expected in 2017 global sales will exceed 66.7 million. In such a large and rapidly growing market, how should we choose a set of beautiful, safe, powerful in-one watch it? ZTE Iraq pocket watch will be used to improve children’s intelligence and authoritative data to interpret the new criterion for purchase.

ZTE Iraqi children watch pocket to minimize radiation, the use of the CDMA communication watch green network, which due to the use of power control technology, significantly reducing the amount of radiation, radiation everyday wear close to zero. And watch after low radiation certification Federal Communications Commission, the EU market safety certification and the State Ministry of network license, the three authorities to ensure the safety and high quality watches

The strap material selection, ZTE intelligent children in Iraq pocket watch bands selected food-grade silicone. The so-called food-grade can be used to make tableware, kitchenware material, non-toxic and tasteless, the child’s body does not cause any side effects, and is soft and comfortable, tear no distortion, no cracking long life.

Make Suitable Dialogue Between You and Your Watch

Beye Watch Museum in Zurich is one of the world’s most extensive collections of private museum, owned since about 500 BC, the timing device since 1400, have both a basic non-mechanical timepieces, but also began a large tower in 1580 from Nuremberg bell.

Watch Museum and Zurich Bahnhofstrasse Beye C hronom etrie store is located in the same building, the oldest watch shop in Switzerland this agency Bahnhofstrasse on the sale of a variety of world famous brand watches. Here visitors can further explore the magical world of watch and enjoy watchmaking virtuosity. Many precious museum collections, such as scientific instrumentation projection pole, sundial, oil clocks, hourglass, water clock, clock, watch, watches and timing and marine use.

Locke is pulling together included Shao Feng De Watch World Heritage town force Locke watches mountain castle museum is housed in a castle built in 1790, which is a by the inventors, artists and thinkers together to create a fascinating world . Here you can feel the great watches and automatic controller to bring the passion and enthusiasm can be immersed in a journey through time, from the early civilizations just emerging into the future has been hundreds of years ago. Museums have full imagination of the world’s most beautiful one table box.

International Jewelry and Watch Fashion Show

From today until December 8, organized by the China Chamber of Commerce, Hangzhou Municipal Government, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, China Association of small and medium business enterprises watchmakers Branch of Hangzhou Commerce Committee, Zhejiang Federation of Industry Commerce, Zhejiang Electronics business Association co-hosted the third China (Hangzhou) international Watch and Jewellery Fair brand building will be held in Hangzhou, bring a wonderful feast watch.

Do not think you have to buy a Rolex watch to buy such an expensive big-name international line, there are many, though not well known to the average consumer but the price is high, very unique niche brand watch worth starting it. This international watch and jewelery fair in Hangzhou building brand walking route is close to the people, the products displayed in the mid-basic, practical, the main price between 1000-30000 yuan. Many favored consumers in the UK, Germany and other European countries, sales in the forefront of watch brands will be at the show for the first time for the general public to promote Hangzhou.

In addition to the collective cost of foreign brands, ancient statue, Leimai, Renault, poly Belgium, Rossini, gaya, according to Bo, Kasi Nuo, Porsche, seagull, King of high quality domestic brands is also the debut a major highlight of the exhibition, domestic brands will account for nearly 60% of the total number of brands. Like to participate in this conference domestic brand “Seagull”, they design it to the table highly personalized style, excellent quality, excellent performance mechanical watch movement and perfect after-sales service and trusted by consumers, sales, cost and reputation and so in no way inferior to foreign brands.

And if you watch the whole, interested in the development of the jewelry industry, in addition to domestic and international trade fairs around the watch brand building in Hangzhou conducted, but also half past nine on Sunday, I went to New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou at the “Man and ยท time Qianjiang dialogue “Summit site listen. Watch around under the new normal situation, the further development of domestic demand of jewelry, the forum will invite a number of heavyweight experts to the scene to analyze and predict the next two years on domestic economic and trade situation, and with the industry to explore new ideas in the Internet under, how the cultural and creative, smart, “Internet +” and the convergence of watches, how to improve the adoption rate of Internet information to improve retail store management capabilities.